Connecting with the important things in our lives has been forever changed by mobile. We want quick and easy access—anytime and everywhere. The church is no exception.

With a branded mobile app for your ministry, integrated with Church Community Builder, BluePay, Vimeo and YouTube, Aware3 makes it easy to keep your app up-to-date without introducing something new to manage each week.

Launch a branded mobile app in as little as three weeks, starting at only $99/month. Contact us today to get started.

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Make Engagement Easy

Your ministry, fully connected

Aware3 is the new front door to your church. Your branded mobile app brings together all of the tools your members and guests need to enrich the worship experience.

Personalized Welcome Notifications. When people arrive at your church, your Aware3 powered app can present geo-targeted messages and reminders. For example, “Thanks for joining us! Click here to view today's bulletin.”

Content Delivered. Have an RSS feed integrated with your blog content? Your app can automatically pull the content, broadening your reach.

Mobile Scripture. Have a specific verse you're highlighting during Sunday's sermon? Your mobile app provides access to the YouVersion Bible for convenient study. Readers can highlight and bookmark passages, take notes and make reading plans.

Groups and Events. People can browse and sign up for groups and events that match their interests, right on their phone. Already managing this information in Church Community Builder? That’s perfect. Aware3 automatically pulls your groups and events directly from CCB so you can focus on your ministry, not on data entry.

Make Giving Easy

Your offering, conveniently mobile

Aware3 partners with BluePay, a payment processor trusted by churches across the country, to simplify donations. We make giving quick, easy and unobtrusive.   

Mobile Giving. Members and guests can make secure financial contributions in a matter of seconds—all through your branded mobile app. Every donation is captured in BluePay and Church Community Builder for tracking and management.

Recurring Payments. For people who want to give on a weekly or monthly basis to help fund your ministry, Aware3 offers recurring payment setup in your mobile app. It’s simple, reliable and secure.

Fund Definition. We automatically pull the funds you've defined inside Church Community Builder to make it easy for members and guests to support a specific initiative without requiring you to manage your funds in multiple systems.

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WOW! Ten seconds, including fishing out my card. Hit CCB and shows up right away. Emailed a receipt. Done. Nice!
— Jim, Calvary Chapel

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Make Outreach Easy

Your message, delivered everywhere

Aware3 helps you connect with people outside your church to drive awareness and involvement. As members and guests go about their daily lives, our outreach tools put content and resources in their hands.

Streaming Sermons. Wouldn’t it be great if college students, travelers and those dealing with illness could participate in your services remotely? Now they can. Your Aware3 app displays rich video and audio content so your congregation can stay engaged from anywhere.

Prayer Requests. Members and guests can submit prayer requests through your mobile app—anytime, anywhere. This information is captured privately for your staff and prayer team.

Broadcast Notifications. You can push out messages to your congregation to invite them back for church services and other events. For example, “See you tomorrow at 8am for breakfast and coffee, provided by our youth group.”

Mobile Blog. Every time you post new content on your ministry blog, it’s displayed in your Aware3 powered app. This is a great way to reach people with scripture, devotions and guidance.

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